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Did You Suffer Injuries From A Motorcycle Accident?

Compared to cars, riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating, freeing experience. Not bound to an enclosed space, motorcyclists can enjoy riding with the wind on their faces. However, motorcyclists face higher risks when sharing roads with other motor vehicle drivers. The freedom of riding in the open means that the rider is more exposed to catastrophic injuries during a collision.

If you’re a motorcyclist and you’ve suffered grievous bodily injuries from an accident – from head injury or loss of a limb to extreme road rash – you will need all the compensation you can get to treat your injuries, and a lawyer would be useful. I’m Paul D. Baugh, and I can assist you with your personal injury claims.

I’ve served the Bloomington community, as well as clients throughout the south-central Indiana area, for more than 30 years. Trust your motorcycle accident case with me today, and I’ll work my hardest to help you claim the compensation you need for your injuries.

The Risks Of Motorcycle Accidents

Even when bikers take every possible precaution, the inherent design of motorcycles means accidents tend to cause more serious harm compared to enclosed passenger vehicles:

  • Less protection: Motorcycles lack the structural reinforcement of doors, roofs and other safety features that help protect occupants in cars and trucks during impacts.
  • Road hazards: Bikes are less stable than four-wheeled vehicles and more susceptible to tipping over or sliding out when encountering road debris, uneven surfaces or poor weather conditions.
  • Greater forces: The smaller size and lower weight of motorcycles mean riders take the full force of collision impacts.
  • Head/spine injuries: When thrown from their bike with no restraint system, riders are prone to devastating head, neck and spinal cord injuries upon impact with the ground or other surfaces.
  • Visibility issues: Motorcycles are less visible and more likely to be stuck in a driver’s blind spot, resulting in accidents caused by negligent motorists.

Because motorcyclists have less protection than automobile drivers, a collision can easily result in life-ending or life-altering injuries. This makes claiming compensation for a negligent driver’s actions all the more important. If you’ve suffered serious injuries while riding a motorcycle because a negligent driver hit you, don’t wait to act and file a claim immediately with the help of an attorney like me.

Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries Deserve Adequate Compensation

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