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Navigating The Challenges Of Divorce

Divorce is a major step in life. It involves many emotional, legal and financial ramifications. At the Law Offices of Paul D. Baugh, PC, I understand the complexities of ending a long-term relationship. As a divorce lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, I have helped many people through this important transition. I can help you sort through the legal aspects of divorce while protecting your interests each step of the way.

As both an experienced family law attorney and a certified family law mediator, I bring a well-rounded perspective to both contested and uncontested divorce cases.

When you enlist my help, you can expect to work directly with me — not an associate or paralegal — through your entire case. I have two convenient offices in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana.

Effective Strategies For Resolving Important Issues

Depending on your circumstances, your divorce case may involve any number of issues. A settlement agreement or divorce decree will have to address:

  • How to fairly divide property and debts
  • Whether spousal maintenance (alimony) is appropriate and in what amount
  • A suitable child custody arrangement and child support, if you have minor children

Any of these issues may pose countless challenges. I understand effective strategies for resolving them. In many cases, I am able to help clients work out a more favorable outcome through strategic negotiations rather than a drawn-out court battle. This approach often leads to more lasting resolutions. At the same time, however, I am always prepared to protect clients’ interests in court. You can rely on me for advocacy and guidance no matter which course your case takes.

By taking the time to understand your situation, I will help you overcome hurdles to better accomplish your goals.

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