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You Need To Preserve Evidence After An Accident

Right after an accident, there are a lot of things happening. It can be confusing. You must find out if you are injured; if anyone else was hurt; and how you can preserve evidence of your accident.

When collecting the evidence, you must act quickly. First, move to a safe location. However, remember, once police arrive they will clear the road. Call the experienced personal injury and accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Paul D. Baugh, PC.

Once Your Accident Scene Is Cleared, Your Evidence Could Be Gone Too

You must take photos of the scene; get witness information; and collect insurance information and black box evidence.

You should:

  • Get images of all angles of the vehicles, with the license plates; and any damage inside of your vehicle. You should also try to photograph signs, skid marks, shrubs and any physical evidence surrounding the vehicles.
  • Remember, witnesses often leave the scene shortly after an accident. They might not even stay until police get to the scene. Document their first and last names, their phone numbers and the information from bystanders or people inside cars. Do not assume the police will collect that information.
  • Talk to the police. They will document the scene and provide valuable information.
  • Go to your doctor. Injuries and their symptoms, including some head injuries, internal injuries and concussions, often do not show up for days and weeks later. The medical tests will provide evidence of your injuries.
  • Collect Event Data Recorder information. These recorders, also known as black boxes, collect valuable information. Many cars and commercial vehicles have computers that collect information. That could include data on speeding, braking, air bags and seat belt use.

Black boxes evidence in commercial vehicle can prove:

  • Driver’s violations on time limits.
  • Destruction of data.
  • Dispatching and delivery methods.
  • Vehicle’s hours of service, maintenance and performance history.

Our Experienced Accident Lawyers Can Help Collect And Protect Evidence

At the Law Offices of Paul D. Baugh, PC, our experienced personal injury attorneys can work with you to collect and preserve your evidence. That could be the difference in your case. We can work to collect the black box information and properly evaluate evidence.

For proven help preserving evidence after an accident across Indiana, contact our Bloomington at 812-727-7013 or email us.