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Turn to the legal expert with more than 30 years of experience to guide you through the complexities of expungement law. Expungement refers to the process by which criminal records are destroyed or sealed so that afterward they are only available under very specific and limited circumstances.

Expungement is a complicated process in itself. In addition, an individual only has one opportunity per lifetime to petition for expungement. It is vital that you work with a trusted legal team who has a strong command of expungement law.

Understanding Indiana’s New Expungement Laws

In Indiana today, expunged records are sealed and can only be released to a law enforcement officer acting in an official capacity or by court order. Under the new Indiana law, when a court expunges a person’s conviction, some of the civil rights of that person are restored. It is then illegal for anyone to discriminate against him or her, based on the expunged conviction, including discrimination in regard to employment.

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