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Don’t Let A Criminal Record Ruin Your Academic Opportunities

The college experience is often portrayed as a carefree time of personal growth, exploration and independence. However, the reality is that many students find themselves in need of college student defense while facing legal troubles that can derail their academic journey and cast a long shadow over their future prospects.

From minor indiscretions like underage drinking or disorderly conduct to more serious allegations of drug possession or violent crimes, the consequences of a criminal conviction can be severe and far-reaching. This can be even more distressing to foreign students, who potentially jeopardize their ability to continue studying in America due to one careless mistake.

I’m attorney Paul D. Baugh. With more than 30 years of experience serving the criminal defense needs of clients in Bloomington and the rest of south-central Indiana, I have the experience and legal know-how to protect your rights in court.

I Handle The Most Common College Crime Cases

Whether you’re a college student facing criminal offense allegations or the parent of one, I can help you understand your current legal situation. I’ll discuss your case with you and find the most appropriate defense options.

Let me help you deal with the following criminal charges:

Whether you are a student at Indiana University or any other institution of higher learning in the state, you can count on me to protect your rights and fight tirelessly for a positive outcome.

Why Should You Hire An Attorney Over Picking A Public Defender?

It might be more affordable for a college student with limited finances to go with a public defender over hiring an attorney. However, there are advantages to working with your own lawyer:

  • Dedicated attention and resources: Private attorneys typically have smaller caseloads compared to overworked public defenders, allowing them to set aside more time and resources for their clients.
  • Experience: Many private criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience handling a variety of cases.
  • Availability: Private attorneys are often more readily available and accessible to their clients, ensuring prompt communication, updates, and the ability to address concerns or questions as they arise.
  • Personalized defense strategy: With more time and resources at their disposal, private attorneys can craft a highly personalized defense strategy tailored to the unique circumstances of the case.
  • Preservation of future opportunities: A private attorney can help minimize the long-term impact of a criminal conviction on a college student’s future educational and career opportunities, which can be particularly crucial for young adults just starting their professional journeys.

At Law Offices of Paul D. Baugh, PC, I’ll maximize my capabilities as a solo practitioner to handle every aspect of your case. Let me constantly update you on any developments in your case and work to ensure your rights are properly represented.

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