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Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Violence Charges

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in four women and one in nine men are hurt by a domestic partner. People need domestic violence protection. Unfortunately, there are people taking advantage of the negative implications that charges carry.

More people are making false allegations against former partners during divorce proceedings. This issue is raising more questions. Here are some answers.

What Is Domestic Violence?

The U.S. Department of Justice defines domestic violence as a pattern of emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse in a relationship. That includes abuse, battering, conflict and violence. It is used by one domestic partner to control or maintain control over the other.

What Types Of Abuse Are Considered Domestic Violence?

  • Attacks against property or pets.
  • Child abuse.
  • Denying medical treatment.
  • Economic abuse.
  • Emotional abuse.
  • Forcing someone to use alcohol or drugs.
  • Invasion of privacy.
  • Physical abuse.
  • Psychological abuse.
  • Sexual violence, including sex by force or while the victim is incapacitated.

Why Are False Domestic Violence Charges Becoming A Problem?

Many people accuse their former partner to get them out of the house. Sometimes it is about child custody or getting a more favorable financial judgement. It can also be about vengeance.

What Are Some Of The Consequences Of Domestic Battery Convictions?

  • Anger management classes.
  • Child custody.
  • Deportation if you are not a citizen.
  • Employment consequences.
  • Financial retribution.
  • You could lose your right to own a firearm.
  • Lower credit scores.

What Can I Do To Fight False Domestic Violence Charges?

The worst thing you can do is assume that the truth will come out. These are serious allegations and the consequences could be life changing. You should hire domestic violence attorneys immediately to defend you and protect your rights.

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