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4 Elements to photograph at the scene of an accident

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Firm News

The aftermath of a car accident can be confusing and overwhelming. Taking photographs of the scene may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s a helpful way to document evidence accurately.

Photographing the scene of your accident is even more important in Indiana because the state does not follow a no-fault insurance system. Indiana law requires that the party found at fault will be held liable for the damages received in an accident. Your photos could prove that you weren’t at fault and document the damages and treatment costs the accident caused.

1. Damage to the vehicles involved

It may seem obvious, but documenting the damage sustained to your vehicle and the other vehicles involved can help police determine the cause of the accident. This includes both exterior and interior damages, as well as debris and skid marks caused by the accident. Also, make sure you take multiple photos from different angles to ensure you’ve captured the damage in its entirety.

2. Injuries sustained

You should always check yourself and others for injuries and seek medical assistance if necessary. If your injuries allow you, take photos of where they are located. If they don’t appear right away, remember to document them as they show up. This is a helpful way to prove your injuries were sustained as a result of the accident.

3. Weather conditions

Providing evidence of weather conditions can also help determine the cause of the accident. It can even help prove who was at fault. If a driver claims they didn’t see you due to fog, rain or snow, your photos could prove otherwise.

4. Surrounding area

Photographing the area around you will help you remember the details of the accident. Road signs can remind you of the location of the accident, and other traffic signs like stop signs or speed limits might strengthen your evidence.

Noting traffic lights and surrounding businesses can also be beneficial because they might have security footage of the accident. Having a photograph of which business or traffic light the accident occurred near will make it easier to point police in the right direction to receive that footage.

It can be easy to forget important details after a car accident. Taking photographs can give you the compelling evidence you need help you prove your case. A personal injury attorney can help you sort through the details of your accident and fight for the compensation you deserve.