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Prescription medication is a growing cause of criminal charges

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Criminal Law

People in Indiana get arrested for the possession of prohibited drugs like heroin and methamphetamine every day. Police officers also arrest people for the illegal possession or misuse of prescription medication. Certain kinds of prescribed drugs are controlled substances in part because they pose a risk to the health and safety of the public. Narcotic pain relievers are a perfect example. They serve a very important medical purpose, but they are easy to abuse and have a strong association with chemical dependence.

Although quite a few people think that abusing prescription medication is safer than buying prohibited medication, the state has begun cracking down on the abuse of prescription medication as well.

Prescription drug abuse has become a significant concern

Given the increased availability of synthetic opioid medication, prescription drug abuse has never been any more serious concern than it is currently. Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries and other medical experiences that necessitate pain management. When the doctor wants to end their prescription, they may start looking for a different source on the unregulated market.

Plenty of other people end up abusing prescription medication because they find an affordable source on the unregulated market. A neighbor or co-worker with a current prescription might sell their extra pills for cash. Those who previously had a prescription for a medication or currently have a prescription could still end up arrested for the medication that they have.

People who are obviously abusing a prescribed drug or who have more in their possession than the doctor recommended could end up arrested, as could anyone caught in the possession of someone else’s prescription, even if they have a doctor’s recommendation for the same medication.

Individuals facing prescription drug charges may have different defense options available to them depending on the circumstances leading to their arrest. In some cases, they may also qualify to have their cases heard in the Indiana drug courts, which might allow them to pursue treatment for substance abuse instead of risking criminal penalties in a traditional court setting.

Recognizing the connection between prescription medication and drug charges – along with seeking legal guidance – can help those who have been recently arrested in Indiana minimize their risk of life-altering consequences.