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Unsecured truck loads and the parties responsible for this danger

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Truck Accidents

An assortment of factors may contribute to a large truck crash. They include mechanical failure, driving too fast for conditions, a driver’s unfamiliarity with the roadway, roadway conditions and weather conditions.

But, in some cases, when you see an overturned truck on the highway and its contents spilled in the lanes, an unbalanced or unsecured load may be the likely culprit. Such crashes can lead to life-changing injuries to any unsuspecting driver who happens to be in the immediate area.

Loading companies and truck carriers

How do these crashes occur? And who is to blame for these unforgettable scenes?

Uneven weight distribution within a truck’s trailer may lead to sudden and extra movement of the transported cargo. Even the slightest shift may lead to the truck driver being unable to control the truck. A crash usually happens.

Despite the implementation of federal cargo securement rules in 2002, these accidents caused by unbalanced loads continue to happen. The fault for these accidents primarily points to:

  • The loading and packing companies: Trucking carriers enlist these firms to properly load trailers. Poorly distributed freight should not happen if loading companies and their managers properly trained and supervised these workers.
  • The trucking company: These businesses rely on their fleets, which must be safely loaded. Trucking carriers may have their own employees to properly complete this work or hire third-party companies to do it. Regardless, the trucking company must oversee the work and educate the people performing the work.
  • The truck driver: Sometimes, it is part of the truck driver’s responsibility to supervise the teams that load the cargo. Any slip-up attributed to the truck driver may lead to an unbalanced load and potential crash.

The actions or inactions of these players may lead to an overturned truck, potentially causing serious roadway hazards.

Do not overlook this factor

If you have been injured in a large truck crash, please do not overlook the fact that an improperly loaded vehicle and its shifting cargo may have played a role. The negligence of others caused your injuries.